Signs Your Office Chair Needs Replacing

Aug 5, 2020

Day after day, week after week, you go to work and sit at the same desk in the same chair—whether you work from home or in an office. You and your office chair are one, an unbreakable team that works closely together. The only other piece of furniture in your life you sit on more is your couch and/or bed. It stands to reason that something you spend so much time on should be comfortable and in good shape. You wouldn’t tolerate a lazy coworker not pulling their weight, right? Don’t expect anything less from your chair. Pay attention because you could be missing the signs that your office chair needs replacing.

Your Back Is Hurting

Sitting for hours at a time day after day is going to take its toll after a while. A crummy chair will only add to that pain. If your cushion is worn down or the chair’s construction forces you into bad posture, take that as a clear sign your office chair needs replacing. A bad chair can exacerbate a host of physical problems.

Incessant Squeaking and Creaking

The guy you share a cube with is annoying enough, so don’t add to the tense situation with a squeaky chair. The whole office doesn’t need to know every time you stand up, turn around, or lean back in your chair. If it’s bothering you, it’s a safe bet it annoys everyone else.

Broken Bits and Parts

A broken seat or armrest is an obvious sign your office chair needs replacing. You can’t do your job if you can’t sit down, right? It always starts out small with a loose armrest or slight wobble. Time isn’t kind to a broken chair, so get rid of it before you end up sitting on the floor.

It Won’t Rock and Roll Anymore

If there is any fun to be had in the office, it’s from rolling your chair across the floor. In a stunning display of laziness, you decide to roll thirty feet to your buddy’s cube for a chat. How can you do that without functioning wheels on your chair? Don’t let that broken chair rob you of that small bit of joy in your day. Get one with slick wheels and keep on rolling.

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