Standing vs. Sitting at the Office: Tips for Finding Balance

Oct 26, 2022

Working a desk job for eight hours a day can be more taxing on the body than many people think. Very few of us think about standing or moving around during this time, and it can have a lasting effect on our cardiovascular, muscle, and even mental health. Finding ways to incorporate movement into my day has been a journey, but one that’s been necessary for improving my overall health and happiness at work. Here’s what to know about standing and sitting at the office and a few tips for finding balance.

Take Regular Standing Breaks

As alluded to previously, sitting for prolonged periods can slow blood flow to vital areas of the body, negatively impacting your health and increasing your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Because of this, it’s important you remember to take frequent standing breaks to contract your muscles and encourage your body to work as intended. We recommend standing every 20 minutes or so, if possible. This way, you keep your body active and engaged while remaining comfortable.

Rework offers several office furniture products to help you establish and maintain a more movement-focused routine throughout your day. Ergonomic monitors allow you to adjust your screens to whatever height you need, and our keyboard stands ensure you can keep your arms at a comfortable angle. With these additions to your workspace, it’s easier than ever to stand and get your work done.

Monitor Movement with a Tracker

If you tend to miss your standing breaks, consider installing a movement tracker on your smartwatch or phone. These programs will help you better regulate your standing time and remind you to change positions should you become engrossed in work. These trackers can even help remind you to drink water and go for walks. With enough reminding, you’ll eventually establish a routine and stick to it automatically throughout your day.

Listen to Your Body

Another crucial tip for finding balance between standing and sitting at the office is to listen to your body. Not everyone can stay standing or sit for long amounts of time, and maintaining your physical comfort is the core purpose behind making these health changes. So, if you’re standing and you experience pain, there’s no harm in sitting. Just make sure you find other ways to move. There are plenty of effective sitting exercises that can help with common sedentary issues.

Use a Supportive Desk Chair

Additionally, when you sit at your desk, make sure you’re using a quality and supportive chair. How a chair aligns your neck and back can greatly influence your comfort levels later in the day. The right chair can keep you feeling good, so you’re more inclined to get up and move throughout your shift. So, you’ll want to find something stable with an ergonomic design and the ability to adjust to your body type.

Rework is your premium solution for quality and affordable office seating for your entire team. From adjustable workstations to refurbished task desk chairs, we carry a wide selection of items that keep individuals comfortable. With these ergonomically designed chairs, your team will feel better and have the energy to stay on the move regardless of what the day throws at them. Visit our Chicagoland showroom to see these products in person and pick the right ones for you.