Strategies for Saving Money on an Office Renovation

Oct 26, 2022

Office renovations play a key part in keeping your workplace safe, stylish, and functional for your team. They also go a long way in ensuring you make a great first impression with every new customer that walks in the door. However, these remodels can be expensive, often making it difficult to get the most out of the process. It’s easy to find yourself spending more than you intend to, and it’s vital that you adopt a few methods to mitigate this issue. Here, we’ll discuss some top strategies for saving money on an office renovation.

Make a Detailed Renovation Plan

One of the first ways to save money is to have a detailed plan for what you want. Renovations can be as minimal or extensive as you’d like. To stay on budget, make a list of top priorities for your remodel. In identifying which projects are more important than others, you can see where you’ll need to allocate the most funds. It might be difficult to decide, but it’s helpful for better prioritizing your needs and seeing which tasks to take off the docket for now.

Set a Strict Renovation Budget

It’s also incredibly helpful to set a budget for my office renovations and make sure I stick to it. Budgets provide a detailed glimpse into your business’s funds and required expenses. As such, they’re a great way to see what you can afford and ensure you don’t exceed that limit. Since it’s easy to accrue additional costs as a project proceeds, referencing this budget will keep you informed when the time comes to make difficult decisions.

Refurbish Existing Furniture Items

Another effective technique for saving funds during your office renovation is to refurbish your old furniture items instead of buying new ones. While the crisp, clean appearance of new furniture sets can be very appealing, they’re also much more expensive. When you’re looking to update your entire office, these costs can add up and not work in your favor. Rework provides reupholstery services that can get your older pieces looking and functioning like they’re brand new, making it much more cost effective to upgrade your workstations.

Hire Professional Office Designers

Above all, you’ll want to hire professional designers for your project. Office designers take great care to assess your budget and how much work you want done. In doing so, they provide you with solutions that fit into your financial capabilities. Quality designers work directly with contractors and can often get you a great deal on supplies.

When you’re looking to save a few extra dollars on your office remodel, reach out to Rework. We offer comprehensive office space planning services that manage every step of the renovation process. From finalizing an efficient layout to developing a design concept, we do it all so that you don’t have to. This way, you’re not only getting the best possible result, but you’re saving money in the process. Reach out to us today to get a head start on your project!