The 5 Must-Know Benefits of Active Seating

Apr 1, 2022

Remote work has its advantages and disadvantages. You can lounge in your pajamas all day but being glued to one seat all day won’t do anything for your posture. Active seating solves this dilemma. There are five must-know benefits of active seating you need to keep in mind.

What Is Active Seating?

Active seating allows you to keep your body moving while staying seated. In layman’s terms, it means having a chair or stool of some kind that encourages you to integrate more movement rather than a traditional chair. However, good posture is not the only benefit to active seating you should be aware of.

Less Slouching

Finding the perfect office stools for sale to prevent slouching can be difficult to come by. Make sure you have a proper office stool or chair that forces you to sit up straight and move around every now and then. The right stool helps you avoid prolonged sitting so you can move around every 30 minutes or so.

Strengthen That Core

Active seating probably won’t give you those abs you want, but it will strengthen the surrounding muscles of your core. It encourages frequent movement that will engage your core and hips, forcing your back into perfect alignment and preventing slouching.

Increases Productivity

Active seating gets you up and gets you moving. We can get stagnate being stuck in the same spot all day. With every movement, you come back with new energy. With that newfound energy, you’ll concentrate more and have a very productive workday.

Burns Calories

When we work from home, we also have the luxury of snacking all day. No shame in this at all, but active seating can help us burn off some of those calories we pack on. You might not see the same results you do when exercising, but a little is always better than nothing. Burning these calories can signify that energy is still being produced for your body and brain.

Dress It Up

While these must-know benefits of active seating ultimately benefits your health, it can benefit your workspace, too. There are so many office stools with various styles and designs for you to choose from. At Rework, we offer new and used office stools of various heights and materials that are sure to satisfy all your needs.