The Advantages of Buying Refurbished Workplace Furniture

Dec 27, 2019

Don’t make finding furniture a chore; furnishing an office is the fun part of business, or at least it should be. The furniture for your business, be it a startup or a full-on rebranding, sets the tone for the operation. What kind of furniture you fill the offices with tells the employees and customers alike what kind of business you run. Trends in office furniture are turning over faster than ever—the lifecycle of office furniture is down to three to five years right now, meaning companies are investing in different furnishing often. An office overhaul every five years will quickly drain the budget, so it’s important to find alternate sources for furniture, such as refurbished office furniture. Read some of the advantages of buying refurbished workplace furniture and consider buying used to keep your business fresh.

Lower Overhead

With the many different types of office furniture you need in your space, purchasing new pieces for every room can get pricey. It almost goes without saying, but we will anyhow. Buying used anything is going to be cheaper than buying new. As mentioned, office furniture trends change quickly, and if staying fresh is important to your business, finding affordable solutions is paramount. Saving money on the big-ticket items such as used meeting room chairs, conference room tables, and dozens of desks will keep the accountants off your back.

Affordable Quality Brands

Affording the high-end brands isn’t always in the cards if you’re buying new. When buying used, those quality, expensive brands are suddenly within reach. The biggest names in office furniture, such as Teknion and Herman Miller, become more affordable once they’ve changed hands. Furniture from premium brands have a longer life and, once refurbished, will be like new once again.

What Does Refurbished Office Furniture Mean?

Rework decommissions companies that no longer need their office furniture, no matter the reason. We save that furniture from taking up space in a landfill and give it purpose once again. We refurbish, rehab, and recycle all the furniture and give it new life. Plus, buying used signals that your company is eco-conscious and has an eye on sustainability.

Quick Lead Time

Another advantage of buying used furniture means you’ll have it quickly. The lead time is shortened with rehabbed furniture because it’s on-hand, waiting for someone to buy it. There are no backorders and calling the factory to find out what the delay is. Used furniture lessens the interference redecorating will have on your daily operations.

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