The Benefits of Benching Workstations

Jan 4, 2021

Benching workstations have quickly taken up the mantle as optimal pieces of office furniture—both for organization and team collaboration. These are some of the benefits of benching workstations and why you should consider using them in your updated office space.

Additional Floor Space

Benching workstations are designed to consolidate desks while accommodating a variety of storage options. This is one of the best ways to prepare your office for continual growth and allow for additional floor space. The Teknion Boulevard benching model, for instance, provides a simple yet functional design—helping you save room for plenty of other items. The Watson Furniture Double-Sided benching model offers the same, both with additional privacy and security in the form of dividers.

Increased Design Flexibility

In addition to the spatial benefits, their self-contained designs make benching workstations better for accommodating unique office layouts. In fact, you can even take some models apart and reconfigure them to fit a certain aesthetic. These characteristics provide you with a larger list of options for suiting the needs of your team.


Another impressive benefit of benching workstations is their range of affordable prices. Because these pieces are compact and include functional aspects within their design, you’re getting much more with your purchase. This—and shopping sustainable, pre-owned office furniture—can save your company thousands of dollars and will help ensure your team has everything they need.

Promotes Better Collaboration

Most importantly, benching workstations have a profoundly positive influence on collaboration among members of your team. They allow everyone to easily reach those working around them, and creates a space that’s more open to the communication of thoughts and ideas. This helps establish an environment that thrives on teamwork. With an array of screen options, you can ensure benching workstations update your current space while continuing to adhere to best workplace practices.

Whether you’re looking to save space or maximize your budget, benching workstations can be an optimal solution. Chat with one of our furniture experts to learn how benching workstations can rework your office. We also offer additional storage solutions like refurbished metal filing cabinets for sale to help you get the most out of your office space.