The Qualities of a Good Office Chair

Apr 30, 2021

Chairs are one of the most important pieces of office furniture and it’s essential that you do not overlook office seating when designing a workspace. An ergonomically sound office chair can prevent workplace injuries and even increase employee productivity. There are four main components to look for when selecting office seating, so keep reading to learn more about the qualities of a good office chair.


Because no two employees have the same build, it’s important to offer adjustable chairs that accommodate an array of sizes. Look for seating with adjustable back support, armrests, and seat height to offer a custom fit for each person. Office seating should provide comfort all day, and this is only possible if the chairs are comfortable for everyone. Ergonomic task seating can be quite pricey but opting for something that’s been expertly refurbished—such as seating from Rework—will ensure everyone in your office feels supported and comfortable at a fraction of the cost of something brand new.

Ergonomic Alignment

Make sure you source chairs that offer the correct ergonomic alignment. Select seating that has plenty of lumbar support and promotes proper posture when sitting at a workstation. Ergonomics is the key to cushioning some of the most injury-prone areas of the body, such as the neck and back. Proper alignment can prevent strain and keep your team comfortable for long periods of time.


An important quality of a good office chair is mobility. If your office is short on multi-purpose space, introduce seating that can work in different areas throughout the office. Conference rooms often have limited space for seating, so allowing employees the chance to roll their chairs in when space is tight will ensure nobody is left standing. It’s also helpful for employees to have the ability to hold ad hoc, small group meetings with the ability to pull their chair over to a teammate’s desk. Agile seating with smooth-rolling wheels that can seamlessly pivot and turn corners will allow for workplace flexibility and encourage an open, collaborative environment.

Quality Materials

It’s important to consider durability when selecting task seating for your workspace. These resources determine everything from how padded the seats are to how long the chair will last as a whole. Higher-quality materials will ensure that products will perform correctly for longer, allowing you to save on replacements. With softer padding and more breathable fabrics, you’ll also further maximize comfort and support for your team.

At Rework, providing ergonomic, accommodating, and stylish furniture for your office is our sole mission. Our stock of used office chairs in Chicago has been carefully refurbished by our team of experts to ensure you receive a piece that is both comfortable and befitting of your office’s aesthetic. We also carry other types of ergonomic office furniture such as adjustable monitor stands and standing desks. If you’re looking for ways to maximize your team’s well-being, we’re eager to work with you and make that happen.