The Top Signs Your Office Space Needs a Redesign

Nov 24, 2021

When it comes to the world of business, nothing stays the same forever. Whether it’s new industry trends or a series of sudden changes in your company’s growth, fundamental needs change frequently. As such, it’s imperative that your office undergo modifications to accommodate updates so that your team is adequately prepared for anything that comes its way. Here are some common signs your office space needs a redesign and the importance of making these adjustments.

An Outdated Aesthetic

The overall aesthetic of your office space can say a lot about your business—its style and layout are both key contributors to first impressions, regardless of whether you’re looking to take on new clients, invite visitors into your space or even attract new talent. Offices that appear old, worn, and out-of-date simply send the wrong message, and it’s important that you know when to recognize that it’s time for an update. Is your current design a true reflection of your brand? If not, it’s time to make a change.

Old computers, printers, other technology items, and any non-functional furniture should all be repurposed. Consider donating or refurbishing unused items and make sure you recycle electronics appropriately.

Lack of Useable Space

You may also need an office redesign if your current space is too small for your business operations. Not all office spaces can accommodate a sprawling floor plan. Utilizing more compact furniture and arrangements is a great way to effectively use a smaller space. Trying to cram in larger furniture pieces results in an awkward flow, making it harder to get basic tasks done in a timely manner. Hiring a space planning expert like Rework to redesign a small footprint can make a huge difference.

Office Underutilization

If your office has dark corners that no one uses, you should consider hiring a space planning expert like Rework. The purpose of a quality office design is to ensure the most efficient and practical use of the space. If your team isn’t utilizing the entirety of the office footprint, you’re not getting the most out of your investment. Talk to your team about any areas that they feel are underutilized and take an informal poll on how they’d like to see this space used. You’ll be surprised at just how actionable feedback from your employees can be—their opinions count!

Outdated Branding

Make sure you consider redesigning your office space as well if your current branding needs an update. Office layout and style are some of the best methods for conveying your business’s values and practices to new employees and clients. As such, you want to ensure that it’s an accurate portrayal of your brand’s good points. This could mean rearranging your reception area to make it more visitor-friendly or applying a new coat of paint to make things look fresh and modern.

New Health and Safety Guidelines

Another noteworthy sign your office space needs a redesign is reflecting on how your business had to adapt to manage the pandemic. With virus protection at the forefront of all business practices, weaving health and safety standards into your office design permanently will ensure they are implemented appropriately. Whether it’s spacing desks farther apart or putting up temporary dividers to limit direct physical contact, there are several ways that a new office layout can make these adjustments possible. An added bonus is that your team will feel safer and more comfortable working in an office that upholds the gold standard in health and safety.

Problems Attracting New Team Members

An outdated office design can even have an impact on attracting quality talent. Potential new hires use an office’s appearance to develop a first impression of the corporate culture. Making sure the aesthetic of your workspace is reflective of the culture you are hoping to cultivate is an easy way to ensure you’re hiring the right employees for your team. The workspace floorplan should clearly show potential employees what it would be like to work at your company. Amenities such as a break room, flexible breakout space, and even relaxation spaces are all important aspects of a productive floorplan that new hires are often on the lookout for when interviewing.

Fast Workforce Growth

If your company is going through a growth spurt, consider a redesign to keep up with the new hires joining your team. When you bring on multiple new hires at once, a reassessment of the existing floor plan is the best way to ensure everyone is properly accommodated. In larger hiring situations, companies often acquire substantial square footage to accommodate new team members. Scheduling a redesign as you navigate this transition ensures that all basic needs are met and that your business can continue to grow without worries. Make sure to account for future growth when assessing whether a move is necessary—a space planning expert can help with forecasting for the future. With our decommissioning and moving services, Rework is here to help manage your office move and make it a seamless transition for the entire team.

Poor Overall Comfort Level

Even your team’s comfort level can spur the need for an office update. In order for individuals to focus and do their best work, it’s vital that they feel comfortable throughout long workdays. From the type of seating available to the ergonomics of desk setups, little tweaks can make it easier for your team members to adjust workplace equipment to ensure proper workplace posture.

Reduced Team Productivity

One of the largest indicators that it’s time for a redesign is your team’s general productivity level. Ineffective working environments prevent individuals from focusing on daily tasks. This can interfere with how quickly they complete projects and even the quality of work. It’s important that you monitor how productive your team is throughout the workday, and should you notice issues with quality or deadlines, an ill-fitting workstation may be to blame.

Rework is here to help you make the most of your workspace. With years of experience, our team of office planning and design professionals can assess your needs and determine the best layout and aesthetic for your unique workspace. With a wide array of refurbished and used office chairs for sale, along with desks, breakout furniture, and accessories, Rework will make sure you have access to everything required for your redesign at a fraction of the cost of purchasing brand-new furniture.