Tips for a Seamless Transition to a New Office Location

Nov 16, 2021

It’s always bittersweet when the time comes to leave your smaller office space behind. After all, change can be incredibly exciting, bringing new opportunities to grow and make a name for your company. The moving process, on the other hand, is a bit less invigorating. Here are a few helpful tips for a seamless transition to a new office location to help you turn that headache into a breeze.

Declutter and Pack Early On

First, make sure that you start the decluttering and packing processes well in advance. It will give your team time to organize their things and throw away anything they don’t want to take with them. Doing this now will ensure that everything is in its proper place for the big move and that you aren’t taking more with you than is necessary. If you don’t want to take some pieces of furniture with you, you can even consider calling a decommissioning team to take them off your hands. At Rework, we also offer relocation and installation of your existing furniture items.

Professionally Design Your New Office

Having experienced professionals design your new office is another important tip for a seamless transition to a new office location. Office moves are the perfect time to create something unique to your business, and your team will love having a space that accommodates their specific needs. Rework’s professional design team will account for all the little details and ensure that all aspects of your vision come through in the result.

Fill the Space With Quality Furniture

Another thing that can smooth out the move is to fill your new office space with quality furniture before your team officially transitions over. Furniture items are at the very core of your business’s operations, and your team will use them to accomplish every part of their roles, so set them up for success from the very beginning. It will also make unpacking less of a chore and give your team more time to settle into their new environment. This is especially true for stackable chairs, as they’re an incredibly flexible option that takes up minimal space.

Give It Some Time

Ultimately, though, you want to give the transition some time. Changing work environments can be jarring for many members of your team. Make sure to give them the time they need to adjust to their surroundings and figure out how to focus in that space.

For any help you might need during your office transition, reach out to Rework. Our team of professional interior designers will work around the clock to ensure that your new office setup is perfect for your team. Whether it’s assisting with the design process or providing you with high-quality, refurbished office furniture like our stacking chairs for sale, we’ll make sure that this space is ready for you. Contact us to get started on your next project.