Tips for Choosing Break Room and Collaborative Seating

Jul 9, 2021

Employee interaction is heavily dependent upon the setup of a workspace. When your team is comfortable and relaxed, they’re more likely to collaborate with coworkers. Maximizing the effectiveness of certain areas around your office and acquiring quality seating is a great way to start the process of creating a solid corporate culture. Use these tips for choosing break room and collaborative seating to get the most out of your employees.

Prioritize Comfort and Ergonomics

While it might be tempting to select office seating based on looks alone, make sure you select ergonomic seating for your team. Furniture designed by ergonomics experts will prevent common aches and pains that develop from sitting with poor posture. Chairs with adjustable seat levers, back support, and arm rests will ensure employees remain comfortable even on the longest of workdays. When employees are properly supported, the risk of workplace injury is also greatly reduced.

Choose the Right Materials

During the selection process, make sure you consider the durability of the seating. For chairs that are heavily used, it’s important to select something that’s crafted from durable materials. While it may cost more upfront to purchase a quality chair, you’ll save money in the long run as expensive chairs often come with extensive warranties. Fabric material will be harder to keep clean, so opting for plastic or mesh is a better solution for everyday seating. Breakroom furniture should be a harder material—such as molded plastic—so it can be easily wiped down and sanitized after mealtimes. If a plusher look is your style, save the fabric seating for the reception areas as that part of the office isn’t used quite as frequently.

Make Sure They’re Mobile

Another crucial tip for choosing break room and collaborative seating is to keep mobility in mind. Task chairs on casters are popular for a reason! You never know when a person might need to pull up a chair for an ad-hoc meeting with a colleague. Selecting flexible, mobile office seating is a great way to ensure employees are always prepared and comfortable. Mobile chairs also come in handy for rolling into the conference room or employee breakroom for lunch if you’re short on seating.

Keep the Design Uniform

Keep the overall style of your office chairs consistent. Stick with one color palette to ensure the seating in each area is somewhat uniform. For example, opting for task seating that’s all black on casters gives you flexibility to select something different for the conference room and reception area. A uniform office design portrays unity and promotes a calmer vibe throughout the workspace. This can go a long way in building your company culture and a strong team morale. Plus, matching furniture sends a clear message about your business’s overall brand by promoting a professional atmosphere for clients visiting your office.

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