Tips for Cleaning your Office Reception Area

Oct 8, 2020

The reception area is the front lines of the office. It is the first room that any visitor to your office will see, from the salesman stopping by to potential clients. That’s why it’s important that the reception area looks cutting edge, welcoming, and immaculate. A dirty front desk sends visitors the wrong message about your business. We have some tips for cleaning your office reception area. Put them into play so you make the right impression when customers visit.

Don’t Let Things Accumulate

Clutter will make any room look dirty. The reception area is prone to the accumulation of boxes and random stuff. Package deliveries show up with no name and get left by the door. Lunch deliveries come waiting for someone to claim them. Old magazines pile up on the coffee table. Don’t let things gather in there or on the desk if it’s not essential. Keep the desk itself clear by limiting what can be stored there and what personal items are allowed.

Keep the Area Spartan

Just because you have a large reception area doesn’t mean you must fill the space. Keep the area free of clutter, but also keep it clear of too much furniture and knick-knacks. Keep the decorations on the walls and out of the way. Provide a clear path from the door to the desk so visitors know where to go. Provide some seating, of course, but no one should be in the reception area for more than 10 minutes anyway.

Set Rules Regarding the Space

Like any space in the office, set a front door policy to keep help keep it clean. Have guidelines on eating at the desk, how long packages can sit, what can be on display at the desk, etc. Setting some commonsense policies will go a long way to keep the area clean.

Bring in Professionals

The best tip for cleaning your office reception area is to hire professionals. Nighttime office cleaning crews can come in and clean the whole place while you sleep. An entire industry exists for this, so take advantage. Shop it around to get the best price, and if you think it’s not within your budget, you’d be surprised.

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