Tips for Making an Office Move Less Stressful

Aug 31, 2020

Moving an office to new accommodations is a multi-step process with lots of moving parts. It takes careful planning with lots of preparation in advance of moving day. Moving can be a stressful task, but if done right, that can be mitigated. Starting the process early and frequent communications are the keys to making an office move less stressful. Use these tips to make your office move a success.

Give Plenty of Notice

Once the new lease is signed and everything is going forward, let the team know. There’s no reason to keep secrets and, odds are, word is spreading already anyhow. Tell everyone where the new office will be, when the move will be, and any other details they need. The business is growing, and it’s an exciting time for everyone.

Notify Vendors and Customers

Employees aren’t the only ones who need to know about the move. Be sure to tell all vendors and customers about the coming move. Give them the new address, contact information, and an effective date. Do plenty of follow up with them so that invoices and deliveries don’t go to the old address. That will only confuse and complicate things.

Put Someone in Charge

Designate one person to coordinate the move. Let that person be in charge of the logistics and execution of the move. Having a single point of contact will eliminate confusion about who is making decisions and who the movers should be coordinating with. Have them pick out their own team if they feel they need help during the move.

Let Employees Pack

Don’t expect the employees to help move desks, chairs, and office equipment. Do expect them to pack their own desk, though. Provide the employees with boxes or totes, so they can pack their belongings for the move. Some will have more things than others, so make sure there are ample packing materials. This is a good time to suggest taking some of the clutter home, too.

Hire Professionals

The most important tip for making an office move less stressful is to hire professionals. Find a trusted local moving company that can handle the job. Professional movers can have the trucks, equipment, and people to make a big move like this easy. All you have to do is tell them where to put things on the back end.

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