Tips for Moving Your Office Furniture During a Relocation

Dec 20, 2022

When you finally commit to relocating your office, the project list that follows can be daunting. Between informing your team of the changes and making time to officially end your current lease, there’s seemingly no end to the task. However, one of the hardest things to tackle during this time is moving your office furniture to the new location. We’ve rounded up some tips for moving your office furniture during a relocation to keep you on the right track.

Take Inventory of Your Office Furniture

Before you set out to move office furniture to the new office location, make sure to take inventory of what you have. It’s easy to lose things during the hustle and bustle of moving day. Even large desks and chairs can go missing as you transport everything from one place to another. A detailed list of equipment and furniture can go a long way in staying organized and protecting your assets. With the ability to check for missing items, you’ll save ample time and money for the business.

Instruct Your Team To Remove Personal Items

In the days leading up to the relocation, employees should remove any personal items or decorations from their desks. These objects can easily suffer damage or go missing during a move. Smaller items can even get in the way during a move and make it harder to get things done in a timely manner. Giving your team plenty of time to take pictures, plants, or knick-knacks home before the move will ensure you stay organized.

Elect a Move Manager

Appointing someone on your team in charge of managing the process is a great way to ensure a streamlined approach to an office move. Moving is a project with many details that need individual attention. Assigning a manager to oversee the different elements is essential for keeping things organized during this time. Choose someone who is detail-oriented and will enjoy this leadership opportunity.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

The most important tip for moving your office furniture during a relocation is to get help from professionals. Designated moving teams have ample experience with transporting a wide variety of items. While it’s important to do your part to prep for a successful move day, hiring a professional will ensure your relocation goes smoothly.

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