Tips to Help Remote Employees Stay Healthy

Jun 9, 2020

Managing a large team is difficult enough when you see everyone in the office. Face-to-face interactions make it easier to gauge everyone’s mental and physical health. There’s no hiding behind a text message or chat when you can walk up to a desk and determine for yourself. Managing a remote team presents a new set of challenges with motivation and health at the top of the list. Here are some tips to help remote employees stay healthy.

Send Regular Health Tips

Provide your team with monthly health tips, so they have thoughtful and interesting facts and information relevant to wellness. Find inspiration from websites that offer health, diet, fitness, or wellness tips, and send the pointers along to your team members. You can even create a team activity to see how many of the wellness tips you can accomplish together.

Allow Unlimited Time for Appointments

Doctor’s appointments don’t happen every day, so when an employee has one, let them take as much time as they need. Many employees don’t want to miss work for a doctor’s appointment, so emphasize the importance of going. Health plans and check-ups matter more than office attendance.

Encourage Physical Activity

Working from home can blend one day into another. Monday starts, turns into Thursday, and then the employee realizes they haven’t left the house for four days. Ultimately, that’s not healthy at all. Give gift cards to sporting goods stores for exercise equipment, suggest exercise-related YouTube channels, and encourage everyone to exercise at least three days a week.

Encourage Plenty of Sleep

A sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, and never leaving the house can lead to sleeping disorders. The body never moves, so it never tires out—and then insomnia sets in. Encourage your employees to get plenty of sleep after all that exercise. Those working from home feel like they never leave “the office” and feel compelled to keep working, ultimately forgoing sleep.

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