Top Health and Safety Tips for Office Furniture

Mar 6, 2020

In an office setting, the most common injuries are preventable. Taking a common sense approach to selecting the office furniture will eliminate many workplace injuries. Office workers face lower back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and various other strains and pains. With an eye on ergonomics, and the incorporation of it into the company culture, office injuries can diminish year over year. We have compiled some top health and safety tips for office furniture so you can keep your workforce healthy and happy.

Use Adjustable Desks

use adjustable desks

Working in an office means sitting at a desk for long hours, day after day. Sitting in one place for extended periods of time is not just unhealthy—it has detrimental effects on the workforce over time. Today there are height-adjustable desks that allow workers to stand up, stretch their legs, and keep working more efficiently. Just doing that small thing, standing for a few minutes, refreshes and refocuses people so they can stay productive.

Get Sturdy and Comfortable Chairs

get sturdy and comfortable chairs

Saving a few bucks by getting cheap chairs might seem like a good idea, but it hurts business in the long run. Buying cheap means buying twice. Save the company money by getting quality, comfortable chairs from the start. Designers are making chairs now with an eye on ergonomics. They are designed to lessen lower back pain and give good lumbar support to help avoid musculoskeletal disorders. People sit in those chairs for eight hours a day, so make them comfortable.

Have Multiple Workstations

have multiple workstations

Not everyone works the same; we all have our own likes and dislikes when it comes to workspace. The open office concept is on its way out the door, and variety is replacing it. Now companies are giving their employees multiple workstations in the office. A combination of cubicles, bench tables, rising workstations, and comfy couches are the new normal. The idea is to have something for everyone so they can choose how they want to work. Presenting choices enhances the mental and physical health of everyone.

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