Top Office Design Trends In 2019

Jan 15, 2019

When it came to office redesign, 2018 was a good year for many companies. An increasing number of organizations introduced or expanded ways to reduce their environmental impact, and efforts to make office spaces more ergonomically-friendly to employees became not just an idea but a mainstream reality.

As inspiring as those changes were for companies and their employees, 2019 looks to push the envelope even further. From living green spaces to layered textiles and finishes, these are the top 2019 design trends that all offices should watch out for. And as one of Chicago’s top office furniture companies, Rework is always ready to help you and your company make the switch.

Open cohabitation spaces

While many of us already experienced the relief of having our 1970’s-style cubicle replaced with a more open working space, this trend is set to only gain momentum... and new ideas. First popularized by the Tech Sector (thank you Google), the central idea behind these new designs is to “maximize collaboration, creativity, flexibility, and promote innovative ideas,” according to Ambius.

This goal has now moved far beyond just Silicon Valley, as more organizations are turning towards open collaborative work spaces. With this comes updated, mobile furniture like HiLo adjustable height surfaces that can be adjusted to each person, and benching systems that allow multiple people to sit in a row. All of these changes are designed with the goal of increasing not just an individual’s comfort but communication between co-workers, and as Ambius pointed out “better communication frequently leads to better ideas.”

Living green spaces

When it comes to office spaces, the secret garden may not be so secret after all. Trends such as living green spaces or “second nature” are well on their way to becoming not only a statement piece but a staple. Described by Thrive Global, features such as “living green walls, floor plants, potted trees, and nature-inspired textures and shapes” are proven to help promote relaxation and lower stress levels among employees.

Even if an office can’t afford to install an entire wall or potted plants in every room, incorporating nature-inspired decor, furniture covers, or textures/shapes can help bring the same feeling of freshness and collaboration. Although we may not see miniature trees and green walls in every office this year, larger-scale green spaces are set to become a commonplace workplace fixture.

Contrasting textiles/finishes

Let’s be entirely honest, no one likes to work in a dreary or otherwise uninspiring work space. Gray painted walls and muted carpet usually make someone more inclined towards fighting the 3pm nap than diving into their next project. Thankfully, the up-and-coming trend of modern, contrasting textiles and finishes promises to liven up any office.

More companies are now rejecting decades of prescribed design, and turning towards “evocative, abstract patterns and geometric forms that are part of the renewed push for office creativity,” says Ambius. Gone are the days when one or two paints dominated the majority of the office.

Today, offices are incorporating bold finishes through their furniture, wallpaper, and decor by buying from local artists or layering with different-patterned or 3D textiles. High-traffic areas such as the kitchen or lobby are revamped with brighter colors in addition to fresh, updated patterns, ensuring that employees will gravitate towards these spaces instead of avoiding them.

Modern/classic styles

If variety is the spice of life, then bringing together the old and new is another office trend of 2019. In the same way that a modern home is complemented by classic decor pieces, an office is elevated by adding a classic seating options or reupholstering existing furniture. While a company may not be able to overhaul their entire space, finding ways to revamp what’s already there can make a huge difference. Adding fresh paint or bringing in updated lighting and statement pieces can help make an older space feel modern again.

Of course, changing even part of an office space is easier said than done, which is why Rework has an entire team of experts to help you decide what changes are best for your company. Many companies already have an excellent starting point, and Rework’s team of expert designers, furniture craftsmen, and installation professionals can work with you today to push your office out from the old and into the new. 

Talk to us today to learn more about how we can save you time and money by sourcing the best furniture for refurbishing and give your office the look and feel it deserves. For more information on office furniture, industry trends and to stay in touch, please follow Rework on Twitter and LinkedIn.