Top Reasons to Have Conference Rooms in Your Office

Jun 26, 2020

Looking back at the business world over the last century, a lot has changed. How we do business, where we do business, and who does the business today has changed and evolved. A hundred years ago, wooden chairs and desks filled offices that had a single table lamp in it where clerks in wool suits kept the books. Fast forward to power ties and PalmPilots to business casual and smartphones. The landscape changed and will continue to change. One constant in all this has been the conference room. There is still a need for them in the modern world. Here are the top reasons to have conference rooms in your office.

Privacy Is Important

If these walls could talk…there wouldn’t be conference rooms. Privacy is important in business, and it’s one of the top reasons to have conference rooms in your office. There is still a need for privacy and discretion in the business world. Not every conversation needs to be broadcast to the entire office. Sensitive topics and information need a place with no one listening and then sharing.

Think of It as a Collaboration Station

Conference rooms are the rare spot in the office that you can gather the team. When you need to bring everyone in for a rally or pep talk, the conference room is the go-to spot. Everyone can get together for kick-off meetings and collaboration on projects. The adequate seating, massive table, and communication setup in a conference room are ideal for brainstorming.

Make a Good Impression

When potential customers come to visit your operation, the day should start and end in the conference room. Greet your guests, sit down for a quick meeting, then show them around. Finish the tour and discuss business in the conference room. It is usually the one room in the office that is impressively outfitted and comfortable and says something about your operation.

Training Space

When your company starts growing, you’ll be onboarding new people, and they will need training. Equip your conference room with monitors and training materials. It’s nice to bring new people in and make them comfortable from the beginning. Conference rooms don’t have to sit empty waiting for the next board meeting.

Get Away From the Distractions

Lots of offices still have the open floor plan. They can get loud at times with no walls and everyone talking at once. It can be tough to focus and concentrate with all that going on around you. Dip into the conference room and shut the door for a bit and refocus.

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