Ways To Create a Successful Hybrid Workplace

Aug 2, 2022

With the rise in remote work across the globe, it’s only natural that companies would put the power to choose a work style in the hands of their team. However, with split in-person and at-home workers, creating an office environment that accommodates both can be challenging. Fortunately, hybrid offices can be quite simple to plan when you know where to start, and Rework is here to give you the proper guidance. Here, we share the most effective ways to create a successful hybrid workplace.

Update Your Communication Technology

Clear and timely communication is the glue that holds your business operations together, and it’s essential for in-office and remote workers to have the right resources to stay in touch. Modern business technology has significantly improved over the years, making it easy to connect with team members no matter their physical location. From video and audio systems to more reliable phone networks and online messaging platforms, you can keep everyone in the loop with just a few clicks. Current communications technology is sleeker and more compact, making it easy to incorporate into meeting room designs. Cable management systems such as USB power clamps and under-mount power easily disguise unsightly cords while maintaining a streamlined appearance.

Pick a High Traffic Layout

It’s important to plan for high-traffic areas within an office space. Even when some of your team works remotely, you have to designate physical workspaces for hybrid or remote workers in the office building. You may find that some of your team members enjoy stopping by periodically to meet face-to-face or socialize with team members. Creating a floor plan that’s safe and simple for everyone to navigate is essential. Program larger walkways and leave plenty of space between each cluster of workstations to ensure your space can accommodate more bodies. Working with Rework’s professional office planning and design experts is an excellent way to ensure you make the most out of every square foot of your office. Our team is accustomed to working with a variety of budgets and styles and can help you create a workspace that works perfectly for your team.

Embrace Micro Spaces

Another effective way to create a successful hybrid workplace is to incorporate micro spaces wherever possible. These smaller-scale work areas—otherwise known as pods, dens, or booths—are self-contained spaces that allow individuals to take a step away from the main workspace to focus. When designed properly, breakout spaces make employees feel more at home and allow your team to choose how they prefer to work during long workdays. Many companies opt to furnish these nooks with lounge-style furniture mimicking an aesthetic you would find inside a residential space. Designing for all kinds of workers and accommodating neurodiversity in the workplace is becoming more commonplace. An easy way to incorporate this design into your office is by including various workspaces to encourage diversity in the workforce. This is a wonderful way to let your team know you care about their well-being. Ultimately, you’ll end up with much happier, more productive employees when they feel comfortable and supported in the office.

Keep Your Office Comfortable

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that comfort and ergonomics should remain at the forefront of all design choices. No matter what kind of worker you are planning for, the one thing your entire workforce likely has in common is the desire to feel comfortable at work. Remote and in-office team members will experience issues with focus and productivity if they are physically uncomfortable. It’s essential to include plenty of ergonomically designed seating and workstation accessories when designing your office. Make sure you offer remote and hybrid workers the option of selecting an ergonomic task chair and desk for their home offices. Healthy employees are happy employees, and at the end of the day, everyone is much more productive when they feel supported!

If you’re in need of a team of professionals to help you design the perfect hybrid workspace for your team, Rework is here to help! In addition to providing premium design services for office remodels, we offer an array of ergonomic task office chairs and other types of stylish seating. Working with our team of tenured professionals will ensure your new office environment is a place everyone will find productive and comfortable.