Ways To Excite Your Employees About an Office Relocation

Aug 5, 2022

An office relocation is an exciting time for everyone involved, and overall morale is the key to making the transition successful. However, as the day grows closer, it can be difficult to keep that energy up among your team—especially as they balance the move with their regular work. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to manage the stress of moving into your new office, and even make the process fun. These are some effective ways to excite your employees about an office relocation.

Tell Them About the New Location

One of the largest potential benefits of an office move is relocating your team somewhere with ample things to do. Whether the new office is near a few nice local shops or a range of diverse eateries, everyone will receive access to these places. This is a great motivating factor for improving your team members’ feelings about the move. After all, they’ll have plenty of new things to experience just outside the office doors.

Turn the Move Into an Office Party

An office party can help to turn the arduous process of packing up the office into a team-building party. Providing drinks and food and allowing your team to dress down for the day can turn a boring pack-up into an exciting day for all. This is a great way for everyone to bond and pump each other up for the change.

Show Off Some of Your Design Plans

Part of the thrill of moving into a new office environment is seeing all the changes to your team’s workspace. So, consider showing them what you have in mind. Whether it’s the new furniture pieces or the fresh new style you’re giving to the brand, a sneak peak behind the curtain is sure to make everyone happy.

Take Some Work Off Their Plate

If you really want to excite your team for the office relocation, consider hiring a team of outside professionals to handle the hardest tasks. Office decommissioning, packing, and moving all require your team to take time out of their schedules, keeping them away from work and stressing them out. With a dedicated team to tackle these steps for you, your employees can focus on performing their roles. This significantly lowers your team’s stress and ensures they feel nothing but excitement for the coming days.

A team of professionals who take some of the work out of your office move can significantly improve your team’s mood surrounding the event. So, work with us at Rework. Our office furniture decommissioning services ensure that your old space is damage-free to reduce move-out fees. At the same time, our delivery and installation team gets your new facility ready for action. We’re dedicated to helping this process go as smoothly as possible for each of our clients.