Ways to Upgrade the Ergonomics of Your Office Workstation

Jan 3, 2022

Proper ergonomics is one of the most important parts of creating a healthy, happy, and productive working environment. Ergonomics links directly to an individual’s physical well-being and can impact multiple areas of your professional career. As such, it’s vital to improve these habits in the workplace so that you can live better as a whole. These are a few effective ways to upgrade the ergonomics of your office workstation and have it work for you.

Use Ergonomic Equipment and Furniture

First, you’ll want to make sure you’re set for success by investing in the right equipment and furniture products. For you to maintain healthy workplace practices long-term, you’ll need the right tools at your disposal. Fortunately, there are many ergonomic office products on the market, including specially designed seating and adjustable monitor mounts. These items provide the necessary support to keep you in comfortable positions and reduce the amount of strain on your back and neck. At Rework, we make it a point to carry these specific items to promote healthier workplace environments.

Learn About Proper Sitting Posture

Once you have everything you need, familiarize yourself with the correct way to sit in your office chair. Posture can affect our bodies by engaging specific muscles and keeping them active throughout the day. Knowing how to put yourself in the right position and being able to identify when you’re slipping out of it are the keys to success. Some postural notes to remember are to keep your feet flat on the floor, maintain a level angle between your knees and your hips, and sit with your back straight.

Arrange Your Equipment Strategically

Another effective way to upgrade the ergonomics of your office workstation is to arrange all your equipment carefully. From the distance of your computer monitor to the height of your chair, making the correct adjustments ensures that you stay in a comfortable position throughout the day. To do this, take the time you need to plan out and place each of your tools strategically across your workstation. Generally, your monitor should remain an arm’s length away from your eyes, and holding your mouse should encourage you to keep your wrist flat.

Leave Space for Occasional Movement

Additionally, try to leave enough space around your workstation for you to stand and move around periodically. Staying in the same position for a long time can have lasting effects on your body’s metabolism and impact the amount of energy you retain. Occasionally standing up to get your blood flowing is among the best ways to reenergize yourself and reset your posture for the next several hours.

Rework is a leading resource in the world of office ergonomics. With hundreds of ergonomic workstation products to choose from and a team of professionals to answer questions, we’re the right place to turn to when you want to improve office health. Give us a call today to learn more about how to heighten your team’s work experience through their desk furniture.