What Every New Employee Should Have at Their Workstation

Sep 14, 2021

Whatever the job may be, employees inevitably need a few basic supplies to get their work done. When new employees are onboarded, it’s a good idea to keep a checklist of essentials handy to ensure everyone is set up for success from day one. We’ve rounded up what every new employee should have at their workstation and simple yet effective ways you can help new hires feel welcome.

A Welcome Gift

There’s no better way to make a new team member feel welcome than giving them a gift during orientation. Gift baskets are a great idea to show how excited you are to have this person join the team. If your company has branded marketing swag such as baseball caps or pens, make sure you include these items as they are a great tool for making employees feel connected to the new company. A reusable water bottle, coffee mug, fancy notebook, pens, snacks, or even a gift card are all items that work perfectly for office welcome gifts.

Tools and Equipment

Each employee needs basic equipment to do their job. Most commonly, this includes a computer, landline, and a security access card to get into the office. Think of this equipment as anything vital to daily operations. Order these materials well in advance of your new hire’s start date. Once the basics are in order, you can think about providing accessories such as adjustable monitors and lighting. Many companies opt to give new employees a choice of extras, so consider doing so as a way to make new employees feel valued.

Basic Supplies

Office supplies such as trash and recycling bins, file folders, sticky notes, paper, and a variety of writing utensils are also things that every new employee should have at their workstation. Even though the bulk of most office work is done on computers, don’t underestimate the power of a good pen and notebook. Employees, especially new ones, will need to take a lot of notes. Make sure there’s a variety of brand-new supplies to choose from. Additionally, include a box of tissues, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes as part of each supply bundle.

Company Resources

Provide new hires with a hard copy of your employee handbook. If you don’t have one, pulling together items such as an office map and employee directory also works. Include extras such as information about nearby restaurants or health clubs as a nice touch to help new folks settle in and feel comfortable from day one.

A Quality Desk

It may sound obvious, but new employees need a quality desk to stay organized and efficient. The quality of a workstation can have a large impact on employees’ productivity levels. Make sure the desks you choose are adjustable, include ample storage, and are large enough so employees can get their work done.

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