What Office Equipment You Should Give Remote Workers

Apr 22, 2020

With the state of the country being what it is right now, people are working from home and now need office equipment for remote working. What started as a voluntary activity that companies suggested has turned into a mandate by both state and the federal government. There’s an end date in place, but no one knows if that is truly concrete. Companies in industries that can have their people work remotely have to make sure they are set up to be productive and focused. They should aim to supply them with the necessary tools and technology to work with no interruptions in performance. Here’s a brief list of what basic office equipment you should give remote workers.

The Basics

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this. All companies and industries have different needs they must fulfill. Each company needs to send its employees out with what is going to work best. There are some staples, though, that will get anyone by in a pinch.

Most companies already supply upper management and key personnel with laptops and should begin to outfit their essential workforce with additional software to keep them connected. Some will simply need a laptop, internet connection, and electricity to work from anywhere in the world.

Other basic tools would be a wireless keyboard and additional monitor screens that can create an easier transition to the home office and provide more visual real estate for working on projects. Consider adding adjustable monitor arms for the screens. These are easy to order and install; plus, they free up more desk space and create ergonomic viewing.

In a short-term solution, this will do. With the long-term timeline, the company might have to adjust and start supplying team members with better equipment and solutions.

Long-Term Solutions

If the current remote work situation around the world continues well into 2020, then a more permanent solution is necessary. Permanent means more comfortable. Sitting at your kitchen table or on a sofa for 8 to 10 hours a day is fine occasionally—but not forever. Consider standardizing a set up for your team and creating a product selection and budget with furniture. Then, encourage your team to set up a dedicated workstation in their home just like you would at work. Remote work furniture will help designate a productive workspace within the safety of your employee’s home.

Possible remote office equipment includes a comfortable office chair that’s designed ergonomically, monitor arms, a remote keyboard, and a stand-up desk. The ergonomic chair should have adjustable height, adjustable arms, lumbar support, and comfortable fabric or breathable mesh.

A supportive simple sit-to-stand desk is easy to install and most desk solutions can range from 48”-60” wide and 24”-30” deep; these desks will fit most spaces at home.

Also, consider storage. Both simple mobile file pedestals and mini storage lockers keep documents regarding client confidentiality or simply keeping them away from sticky hands or the home-bound pet.

In creating this dedicated work area for your team, it will give them a sense of place, and maybe even getting them out of their closet for that conference call. For many companies, this transition to working remotely means welcoming their work family into their homes. If your company has the means to provide monitor arms, ergonomic seating, and high-quality desking, then those are investments that will be long-term musts for any team remotely attending to their company’s needs.

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