What to Ask Before Hiring a Furniture Decommissioning Team

Jun 16, 2022

The process of moving into a new office space is difficult enough without needing to worry about what you leave behind. Whether you’re looking to donate the furniture that’s left or throw it out, it’s your responsibility as the former tenant to return your office space to its previous condition. As such, many businesses utilize Chicago office decommissioning services to help them do just that and avoid penalty fees. Here’s what to ask before hiring a furniture decommissioning team so that you know you’ve picked the right one for the job.

How Much Experience Does the Team Have?

During the hustle and bustle of your office move, you’ll need a business you can trust to handle the decommissioning process. Because of this, you want to know if the team you’re looking at has experience with this task. So don’t be afraid to ask how long they’ve worked on decommissioning projects and why that makes them a good fit for your needs.

Do They Practice Sustainable Disposal?

It’s also important to ask about how they prefer to dispose of the items they decommission. The business world is one of the leading contributors to local landfills, especially when it comes to throwing out old furniture pieces. Since these items don’t break down, they can cause significant harm to the environment. Therefore, if you want to reduce the negative impact your company has in this area, finding a team that can find sustainable solutions for your old furniture is a must.

At Rework, we’ve done extensive research into the generation of office furniture waste. As such, we’ve set out to provide the most sustainable decommissioning services possible.

Do They Have Past Client Reviews?

Another vital question to ask before hiring a furniture decommissioning team for your office move is whether they have past client reviews for you to read. Like with other services, reviews give you an idea of the experience others have had with a particular company in the past. For this reason, they’re an incredibly helpful resource in determining whether they’re the right fit for your needs. Take some time to browse these snippets and go into your decision well-informed.

How Long Does the Process Typically Take?

Make sure that you inquire about the typical project timeline as well. Depending on the project schedule, you may experience some interference with the office moving process. As such, finding a team with a clear timeline and a flexible schedule will be the key to doing your decommission job in the most effective manner.

Give Rework a call if you need Chicago office decommissioning services. We go above and beyond to make this aspect of your office move easier for you and your staff. From inventory to disassembly to recycling, we’ll take care of everything. This way, all you need to worry about is arranging your new office space.