Where Can I Find Office Furniture Pieces to Refurbish?

Oct 6, 2018

Deciding to use refurbished office furniture to outfit your workplace is easy. It’s economical, environmentally friendly, and gives you plenty of options in designing your space.

Now for the hard part: Where do you find quality furniture to refurbish? What do you look for? Where do you start? How much should you pay? Will the pieces you buy be able to suit your needs?

If you’re looking to give your workspace a makeover, you’ve got a few options in sourcing your furniture finds:

Option #1 - Hire Someone to Locate Furniture For You

A logical option for many businesses would be to ask someone to keep an eye out for quality office furniture. Have them visit second-hand stores or estate sales, or ask them to go through selling sites like Craigslist to see where they can grab a good deal.

It’s not a terrible option, but it does have its problems. In many cases, hiring a “furniture shopper” will cost you, even if they don’t find the pieces you’re looking for. They may not be able to negotiate desirable prices with the vendors. And, personal shoppers aren’t usually set up to handle a large volume of shopping requests (buying and moving all that furniture takes a lot of time and effort!).

With all the additional expenses of hiring a furniture shopper, buying new might end up being the cheaper option.

Option #2 - Hit Up Second-Hand Stores Yourself

Another alternative is to source your own furniture to refurbish. You might find gems in second-hand stores, auctions, estate sales, marketplace websites, social media, or through the grapevine.

If you choose this option, prepare to face some of the same challenges as hiring someone to do it for you. You’ll be spending your time on furniture hunting rather than your regular duties, which can get expensive. You may not be able to negotiate the right prices with vendors, nor will you have access to wholesalers or manufacturers (that’s where the real deals are!).

Doing your own shopping can quickly turn into a major project with major costs.

Option #3 - Partner with a Professional Refurbished Office Furniture Expert

Whether you hire someone to shop for second-hand furniture or do it yourself, you’re going to face many costs that might negate any benefit of buying used. However, a third, lesser-known option is to partner with refurbished office furniture professionals who are skilled in helping businesses get high-quality furniture without the hassle.

Part of our service at Rework is to locate furniture for businesses that can be refurbished to suit their unique needs, and refurbish that furniture through our on-site facilities. We have built relationships with manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers that allow us to negotiate prices that aren’t available to the general public. We also work directly with you to understand what you’re looking for and how it will be used to ensure we select only the best furniture for your business.

As a result, you can focus your time on running your company and leave the furniture shopping and refurbishing to us - for much cheaper than you could hire a furniture shopper or do it yourself!

Talk to us today to learn more about how we can save you time and money by sourcing the best furniture for refurbishing and give your office the look and feel it deserves. For more information on office furniture, industry trends and to stay in touch, please follow Rework on Twitter and LinkedIn.