Why You Should Let Your Staff Decorate Their Workstations

Dec 21, 2022

For many employees, their office is their second home. Did you know that employees often rely upon their office for social connections and personal growth opportunities? Giving your team the freedom to express themselves—while also feeling comfortable and supported to do so—is one of the best ways you can let them know you value their well-being. We’ve put together some reasons why you should let your staff decorate their workstations and what it does for the workplace as a whole.

Boosted Personal Motivation and Focus

Personal items kept at a desk serve as great reminders of the people and things an employee is working for. Whether it be of their family members or a beloved pet, a picture or two displayed on a desk can help employees stay motivated during difficult parts of the day. Keeping personal fidget devices nearby also helps with managing stress and keeping the mind focused. These two relatively small opportunities for personalizing a workstation can tremendously boost a team’s mental and professional well-being.

Improved Creativity

Inspiration can come from a variety of places. Whether it’s a small flower, a tasteful trinket, or even a funny quote from a calendar, it’s fun to have something to take your mind off the daily grind every now and then. Choosing the right items to keep by your side during the day can do a lot for improving creative idea output. Looking for inspiration for weekly team meetings? Try building in causal discussions about employees’ desks, perhaps by featuring a “desk of the week” to drum up excitement and camaraderie within the office. If you’re worried about desks starting to look sloppy, feel free to build in some general rules and guidance within your employee handbook. You can even gift employees the same photo frame or branded items such as calendars and fidget toys to keep a consistent look and feel throughout the office.

Better In-Office Communication

Another crucial reason why you should let your staff decorate their workstations is that it can help improve overall office communication and relationships. Personal artifacts act as the perfect conversation-starters within a workspace. Maybe it’s a picture of a family member or an interesting-looking trinket someone picked up on vacation—these items encourage questions and bonding between coworkers. With stronger company relationships comes better teamwork and communication skills.

A More Diverse and Colorful Office Appearance

When done tastefully, allowing your team to decorate their desks makes for a more visually appealing office. Employee artifacts lined up along rows of workstations can add depth and personality to the workplace. No longer is the office a boring, gray place to work; it’s something more colorful that celebrates the individualism of each team member.

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