The Benefits of Renting Office Furniture

Feb 13, 2023

Working from your own office means you’ll need tools to make the space functional. Whether workstations, seating, or even break room tables, each item serves a unique purpose.

For many startups, purchasing furniture to fill an entire workspace isn’t always viable. Luckily, furniture rental is an option that many businesses consider when assessing furniture needs. Keep reading to learn some of the most noteworthy benefits of renting office furniture for your business.

Quick Delivery and Installation

While it might sound super appealing to fill your space with all brand-new furniture, many people don’t realize just how long the lead times are. Budget aside, lead times as long as 6+ months have become almost standard for ordering new furniture these days. Many businesses don’t have time to spare and need office furniture quickly. The good news is furniture rentals typically have much more reasonable lead times.

Furniture rental companies usually have a healthy inventory of items that are in stock and ready to go. You can typically schedule delivery within days of placing an order. Most furniture rental companies keep a variety of items in stock, taking note to have multiple options available for the more popular pieces.

Flexible Booking Periods

If your business requires some flexibility with rental periods, furniture rental providers typically understand and can offer leeway in delivery and pick-up times and even the rental period. Since rental companies are accustomed to working with businesses that have rapidly changing needs, they understand the need for flexibility. If your business needs are evolving, renting furniture is a low-commitment way of creating a “low-risk” work environment.


Another advantage to renting furniture is that it may provide a substantial cost savings over purchasing new furniture. If you are a newer business just starting out or even an established business going through a period of change, you might not be in the position to allocate a huge amount of budget to furniture. Renting furniture is a great way to test the water on a monthly basis. Even better, you’ll have access to try out some of the top furniture lines without having to make a commitment.

Hassle-Free Option

One of the most impactful benefits of renting office furniture is that it is a relatively hassle-free option. If your team is looking for variety, you have the freedom to swap it out. However, the best way to get a feel for the furnishings before you buy is to schedule a showroom visit and test the products out firsthand. Ultimately, renting is definitely a low-risk, high-benefit situation that leaves you more time to focus on what really matters—running your business!

Whether you’re just starting your business or growing an existing company, Rework can help you find the furniture you need to promote future success. We offer a wide range of refurbished products, such as used Herman Miller office furniture and chairs, to ensure that you’re always getting quality furniture, ergonomics and accessories for your team. Browse online or schedule a visit at our Chicagoland showroom to find the right office furniture for your next project.