Tips for Adjusting Your Office Chair Correctly

Feb 9, 2023

Adjustable task chairs are some of the most important items for maximizing comfort in the office. These products make it easier than ever to support the back, neck and shoulders for extended periods at your workstation. However, it’s vital that you know how to create an optimal seating arrangement to reap the benefits of a healthier body. Here, we provide a few tips for adjusting your office chair correctly and ensuring it’s the perfect fit.

Start With Changing the Chair’s Height

When looking to promote proper posture, one of the most important things to consider is your chair’s height. We are all different heights, and even being off by an inch or two can drastically throw off your body’s alignment as you sit. Adjusting your office chair will act as a great first step in the configuring process. Make sure your seat is adjusted so that your knees are bent at (or close to) a 90-degree position. It’s also important that your feet lay flat on the floor. For more petite employees, a footstool is a great way to make sure they stay comfortable if this optimal sitting position is not possible.

Avoid Loosening Tilt Tension Too Much

Paying particular attention to the tilt tension of your seating is also an important tip for adjusting your office chair correctly. The tilt feature is prevalent in many used Steelcase products and is great for lessening the pressure on the spine as you sit for long periods. Making it too loose leaves no support to help disperse your weight, ultimately putting even more strain on your back. For this reason, make sure to retain some tension to keep your spine in proper alignment.

Always Double-Check the Lumbar Support

You should always check the chair’s lumbar support bar and adjust it accordingly. Depending on your build, your lower back might rest lower or higher on the chair than other people. Making sure that you have extra cushioning where you need it can reduce stress and deterioration at the base of your spine. An added benefit of adequate lumbar support is that when it’s used correctly, it’s easier to stay comfortable for longer periods of time.

Don’t Forget the Headrest

Even once you finish adjusting the body of your chair, there’s still one more component to consider, where applicable—the headrest. This angled cushion is great for guiding proper physical alignment and cutting back on neck and shoulder strain. Therefore, taking the time to change its angle and height can do wonders for how you feel while staring at a computer screen day in and day out.

Don’t let your team work long hours without providing them with the physical support necessary to stay comfortable. At Rework, it’s important to us that every team member has the resources they need to make the most of their day. We invite you to browse our Chicagoland showroom—or shop online—to find the perfect task chair for your office space.