Tips for Furnishing Your Office Wellness Room

Mar 27, 2023

Workplace wellness is an important part of any business—and one way to make sure employees are comfortable enough to focus is by creating an office wellness room. These spaces are meant to serve as a private place for new mothers to pump or a retreat for employees to pray, meditate or seek respite. Here are some tips for furnishing an office wellness room to ensure employees get the most out of this space.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Bringing elements of nature into your office wellness room can create a calming atmosphere. Plants, wood accents and natural light all give the room a relaxed, fun atmosphere. We recommend incorporating nature into the space whenever possible. Adding live plants can also filter out toxins in the air while providing a pleasant visual distraction from everyday stressors. Using natural materials such as wood or bamboo can create a more inviting environment compared to metal or plastic furniture pieces. Consider adding a water feature for yet another element of the outdoors and peaceful background noise.

Add Inspiring Artwork

Artwork is another important item to consider when designing your office wellness room. Hang inspiring artwork on walls or display unique sculptures on shelves throughout the room to add color and texture without making it feel crowded or cluttered. Make sure all pieces of artwork reflect the values of your business and evoke feelings of relaxation and calmness in those who see them. Adding artwork also provides a great opportunity to entice creativity while employees take a break.

Choose Comfortable Seating

One important tip for furnishing your office wellness room is to invest in comfortable seating. The furniture in an office wellness room should be comfortable and cozy and encourage employees to unwind. Consider adding a few padded recliners or lounge chairs with ottomans that allow individuals to sit comfortably and relax. Selecting a variety of sizes to ensure all body types are accommodated will ensure everyone feels comfortable and supported during their downtime.

Note that wellness rooms are popular for private applications, such as breastfeeding or praying. As such, make sure that your furnishing plans include installing a lock on the door and hanging opaque curtains on any windows in the space. With the right combination of privacy and comfort, you can make your office wellness room something that anyone can use to meet their personal needs.

Creating an office wellness room ensures that employees and clients receive access to accommodations that provide the privacy and comforts of home to the workplace. Aside from selecting the best finishes and furniture, an important part of planning a wellness room is finding the ideal design and layout for the space. Rework is a full-service office space design company—in addition to a new, used and refurbished office interiors provider—and we are dedicated to helping clients craft spaces unique to their specific needs. Whether it’s a full-scale wellness room buildout or a quick office refresh, our collection of refurbished products and our team of experts are here to help.