Top 9 Benefits of a Standing Desk Mount

Mar 20, 2023

Over the last few years, standing desk mounts have become increasingly popular in offices. These adjustable workplace solutions allow you to switch between sitting and standing positions while working at your computer or laptop. By making it easier to transition between these two positions, they can improve office ergonomics and overall health. But if you still need convincing, we have you covered. Here’s a look at the top nine benefits of using a standing desk mount in the office.

Improved Posture

First and foremost, using a standing desk mount allows you to adjust the height of your monitor to ensure that it stays at the right level for good ergonomics. This reduces slouching and encourages better posture while working. It also helps to keep your neck, shoulders and back in an aligned position, reducing strain on these highly susceptible areas. Height-adjustable desks make it much easier to find an optimal position for both sitting and standing, taking the work out of improving your comfort.

Burns More Calories During the Day

Standing desk mounts also help you burn more calories during long workdays. Switching between sitting and standing positions with ease makes it easier to incorporate more motion into your day. Even just a few minutes of standing each hour can increase your caloric burn and provide additional health benefits due to increased oxygen intake and improved circulation. In addition, standing makes it easier to move around, helping you stay more active overall. For those looking to get into better shape, a standing desk mount is a great option.

Strengthens Your Core Muscles

A strong core has the ability to support back, neck and shoulder muscles. Sanding desk mounts are a great option for those interested in building core muscles. When standing at a height-adjustable desk, you are automatically prompted to engage the core, even if just for a few minutes each hour. When standing, core muscles naturally engage to keep your torso in an upright position. Not only are you gaining strength, but this also improves balance. Alternating between sitting and standing gives a full range of motion for core muscles—and having the option to change positions frequently will result in better overall health and wellness.

More Energy

Standing desk mounts also provide an energy boost throughout the day. Standing can increase alertness and productivity because it helps reduce fatigue and maintain optimal energy levels. It also helps increase blood flow, which provides an extra dose of oxygen, boosting brainpower. Standing keeps the body engaged, encourages the brain to produce more energy and increases productivity levels.

Less Discomfort While Working

Another top benefit of using standing desk mounts in the office is that they can reduce discomfort in the body while working. Sitting for long periods puts strain on your back, neck and shoulders, which leads to pain and tension. Alternating between sitting and standing helps keep these areas from getting too tense or uncomfortable. It’s important to note that desk mounts are not one-size-fits-all. Adjusting the desk’s height ensures that you’re not forcing any part of your body into an uncomfortable position.

Reduced Workplace Stress

Standing desk mounts can even have a drastic effect on your mental health. Stress is one of the leading causes of low workplace morale and decreased productivity. Fortunately, even small breaks during long workdays can make a world of difference. Standing periodically can break up the monotony in the workday as it encourages movement during frequent breaks. Taking a few minutes to stand can help tremendously during stressful work situations as it encourages a brief moment of relaxation and refocus.

Better Creativity and Productivity

Getting employees to move around actually promotes creativity and productivity. When employees have the chance to get out of their seats and move around freely, their creative thinking is stimulated. Surprisingly, movement also decreases fatigue while increasing alertness and energy levels. Employees will have an easier time focusing on tasks for longer periods. Investing in a standing desk mount is well worth it if you want to do more in less time.


Standing desk mounts are actually a cost-effective purchase for your business. Purchasing separate desks for sitting and standing is much more costly than purchasing an adjustable attachment. You can also get more use out of your workspace without needing to buy additional furniture since standing desks promote getting more done in less time. Increased employee productivity levels more than offset the cost of purchasing standing desks.

Overall Customizability

If you need an unparalleled level of customizability in the workplace, standing desks are a great option. The ability to adjust both the height and angle of the mount makes it easy to find a comfortable and optimal position while sitting and standing. Many standing desk mounts come with additional features— such as adjustable shelves and monitor arms—making it easy to customize a workspace for specific needs. Creating a workspace that’s comfortable for a variety of employee sizes and work style needs is simple with the introduction of standing desks.

Standing desk mounts offer a wide range of benefits for the workplace. Rework is here to provide you with the resources needed to implement ergonomics tools within your workspace. Our collection of used workstations for sale is full of a variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to fit a standing desk or other ergonomic accessories into various office settings. Our refurbished, stylish and cost-effective items are a great choice for any business. If you’re looking to get the most out of your workspace and improve the health and well-being of employees, reach out to learn how we can help.

Top 9 Benefits of a Standing Desk Mount