Ways to Make Office Furniture Liquidation Easy

Feb 2, 2023

Office moves are typically quite complicated, and the last thing people want to think about is what to do with office furniture that’s no longer needed. Surprisingly, making sure the workspace is cleared and ready for the new tenants is typically part of commercial rental agreements. A huge undertaking, facility decommissioning is actually a complex part of office moves. Lucky for you, we’ve pulled together ways to make office furniture liquidation easy and ensure your success during the move.

Take Inventory of Your Office Furniture

The first step we recommend is creating a detailed inventory list for everything in your office. Ask employees to help out and itemize their own personal items. Everything from desks, chairs and even office equipment and electronics need to be accounted for. A detailed list of all items will help you create a realistic moving plan. Which brings us to our next point—have you thought through how you’ll uninstall the office furniture in the space you’re leaving? These are all questions our qualified team of decommissioning specialists walks each client through to gain a better idea of the project scope.

Create a Detailed Project Timeline

After each piece of furniture and equipment is accounted for, a detailed timeline should be created that includes details and dates for when each specific item will be leaving the office. Office moves rarely take one day, so having a timeline of events can make the entire project easier for your team to follow. Employees will feel more settled and prepared knowing when they need to pack up desks and start the moving process.

Hire a Qualified Decommissioning Company

One of the most important ways to make office furniture liquidation easy is by hiring outside help. Most businesses can’t afford to take valuable time away from their day-to-day to manage something as complex as an office move. Hiring a team of professionals like Rework ensures that the process goes seamlessly and that you’re moved out in a timely manner. Professional decommissioning services can also leave your old office in better condition, saving you money on potential fines.

Determine What To Do With Old Furniture

As you liquidate previous office assets, consider selling them to a preowned furniture retailer like Rework. Our team of talented decommissioners works closely with clients, educating them about which items should be sold and what can be donated. Rework is passionate about landfill diversion and protecting the environment, so working with our team will ensure you dispose of everything efficiently and environmentally. And even better, avoiding landfill waste and donating to charity can even result in significant tax write-offs.

Rework understands that moving office spaces can be incredibly arduous for everyone involved. That’s why we set out to make the transition as easy as possible with our Chicago office decommissioning services. We’ll take stock of what you need liquidated, then disassemble and remove these items according to your lease agreement. Our experts will go the extra mile to ensure that this step of the move is worry-free for you.