What Is the Purpose of Furniture Liquidation?

Jun 9, 2023
What Is the Purpose of Furniture Liquidation?

Office furniture is essential to ensuring a team has what they need to perform optimally. However, furniture can very quickly turn into a burden when moving a business to a new location. Whether desks, chairs, or lunchroom tables, each piece is one more thing to account for during the move—which is likely already busy and stressful. Fortunately, transporting furniture doesn’t have to add stress. Here, we’ll discuss the purpose of furniture liquidation and describe what a company gains from using this service.

Office Furniture Liquidation Basics

Office furniture liquidation is the act of selling older, used pieces to a liquidation company. Useful for an office move, this process leaves fewer items to relocate on moving day and makes it easier to comply with the former lease’s terms as you leave. When your business liquidates assets, the liquidation company officially owns them and offloads these items from your inventory.

At Rework, we are experts at liquidating furniture and can quickly categorize pieces as items to donate, items to refurbish, or items that belong in a landfill. We prefer to salvage as much as possible, and thanks to our rigorous inspection process, we are often able to restore pieces. The great thing about refurbishing old furniture is that the value is preserved, and it becomes available for resale. This process is a great way to simultaneously divert landfill waste, protect the environment, and alleviate overall office move stress.

Liquidation vs. Relocation

Many people compare furniture liquidation with relocation or storage. However, these processes couldn’t be more different. The purpose of furniture liquidation is to relinquish ownership of the items and gain some money in the process. On the other hand, relocation is the act of moving these objects to a new office or storing them until there’s space.

Liquidation is generally more beneficial, as it is a way to alleviate the cost of moving old items to a new office space. It is also often a way for businesses to make a bit of money during the move. The decision between liquidation and relocation also depends on whether a business wishes to purchase new furniture after the move.

Liquidation Advantages for Businesses

In addition to reducing stressors during the office moving process, liquidation comes with other advantages, such as cutting general costs. Selling a business’s furniture in the liquidation process adds dollars to the company budget to put toward other costs incurred during the move. Labor costs also reduce by limiting how much movers must transport to the new space. Overall, liquidation is a cost-effective solution for any company striving to make the most of its time and money.

At Rework, we’re dedicated to ensuring office moves go smoothly for all our clients. With our office furniture liquidation services, we will seamlessly offload old furniture to help simplify your move. We breathe new life into a diverse range of refurbished pieces, perfect in a variety of workspaces. For decades, we’ve prided ourselves on providing an end-to-end, comprehensive solution for every office need. We’ll go the extra mile every step of the way to make sure your project goes according to plan. Reach out today to learn more about our services!