Automotive Keys Group

Project Details

Company Name: Automotive Keys Group
Location: Vernon Hills, IL
Space Type: Manufacturer

When Automotive Keys Group (AKG), a large-scale manufacturing company, was in need of a cost-effective solution for an entirely new workspace, they turned to Rework. We began by surveying some recent decommissioning jobs as this is a great budget-saving solution that also diverts substantial landfill waste. Our project kicked off with a meeting at a decommissioning job site in Minnesota where we cataloged pieces that would work for AKG’s unique workspace, including workstations, seating, café tables and other ancillary items.

Subsequent client meetings were hosted at Rework’s Chicago-based showroom and focused on choosing a variety of new and pre-owned pieces to complement the refurbished furniture procured in Minnesota. The client was extremely happy with the end result and our attention to detail throughout the entire project. We are proud to be part of a project that leveraged large quantities of pre-owned furniture conserving natural resources and energy. Sustainable approaches that also provide cost-effective, blended solutions is what really sets Rework apart from the competition, and this project is a great example of just how effective this unique approach can be.